Official Website

Official Website

Come visit a site rich in information about WG including WG TV and Radio, two WG Galleries, a Blogs section and more

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Go to and Request Beacon Letters

A new official website has been published accessible as – visit and make comments as you see fit – its fun, informative and multi-media. For those interested in exceptional comments on the American election countdown, make a request for the recent issue of The Beacon Letters at

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Recent Activities Involve Analysis of Arab Spring

So the Arab Spring is in another phase – what phase is this. Have the people genuinely secured a better political and economic climate. They must decide and illustrate their wishes with longevity.

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More Blogs For The Wise

So time passes, and different parts of the www have been accessed with posts, blogs, etc … No major changes – the constitutional crisis of Canada, yes Canada, remains tragic and shocking … upheavals in the Middle East threaten global society, the U.N. is sadly and possibly intractably corrupt, Obama must be defeated and replaced, Harper of Canada should face capital punishment within a new court martial setting, the Greek and Italian states must find solutions to their financial management problems, and, a peace must be found between the Palestinians and Israelis, with Canada disciplined accordingly by the international community and as led by India, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Bolivia, Benin, … and all states seeking to make international law worthwhile in the new millenium.  WG

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More To Come In The News

In time … UN reforms, the capital punishment of Harper of Canada, the demise of Obama, the stabilization of Palestine and Israel, the correction of Canada as led by India, Pakistan, North and South Korea, Egypt, South Africa, Cote D’Ivoire, … and all states interested in international law

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A Special WG Note To Fans, Afficionados

I apologize for delays but some very exciting things are happening.  You need not worry, except that the quest for asylum is ongoing and remains challenging.  The ‘off ‘ stuff being circulated about me is simply malicious, untrue and misleading – unfortunately a few of the defamers are going to have to be sued because that is the right thing to do.  Your support means a great deal to me, and I thank you and hope to continue creating in your favour.  Remain beautiful inside and out for that is the good policy for this life and the next: Beauty or the beautiful unto itself – like within ‘truth, beauty and justice’, can have great value.  Truly, with affection, WG

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Testing 1, 2, 3 IN STUDIO

Currently in studio with a number of works for the CD and soundtrack.  Very excited by the results and possibilities.  ‘You Are The Fashion’ will be accompanied by at least 9 tunes, and the film will be a full length major motion picture.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Welcome To This Site …

I’ve transferred much content and I know many of you are wondering about my thoughts on the Middle East events of the last few weeks, my Governor Generalship, the criminal qualities of Harper and his Cabinet and their agents, the problems at the UN, why Obama must not be elected as I search for alternative candidates such as Marilyn Quayle and Ralph Nader, the recovery of the American economy, the status of my major motion picture film and associations with Hollywood, the release of my books and posters (see, for example, OpenLibrary. org and, …), … the next release of The Beacon Letters / Les Lettres du Balise …

WG on the cover of The Beacon Letters / Les Lettres du Balise as globally circulated

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There is a gross sickness in North America which only the correct
minded may cure.  For all those wishing to avoid various kinds of
liability, you should contact my offices immediately, and to volunteer
your time, provide resources and tell your stories respecting the
current constitutional crisis.  I will comment further later.  You
know who you are and you must act, at law.  I do not give you a
choice and nor should I, as suitable citizen and expert of the laws
that govern.  Conduct yourselves accordingly; the prosecution and
history making apparatus is gaining more steam, weight, tragic
significance and momentum.
For greater certainly, you should ask to speak with me directly,
no matter if you are an Executive or Administrator at the Rand
or Goldwater Institute, IBM or Microsoft, Harvard or Yale, Thomson
Reuters or Universal, Parliament or Congress, the State Department
or DND, Oxford or the Monarchy, Davies or O’melveny, the UN
or Human Rights Watch or Amnesty
… There will be no repetition of
the calamity of the last century on my back or on my mind.
De Jure Governor General of North America
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